Appalachian Trail Hiking

Located just outside of Salem • Website

The Triple Crown is an experience that features some of the best hiking in the Roanoke Valley in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains. During this portion of the Appalachian Trail, hikers will be rewarded with incredible overlooks, unique rock formations that create opportunities for bouldering, shelters for a rustic camping experience, and challenging trails that you can check off your bucket list!

Carvin's Cove Bike Trails

Located just outside of Salem • Website

Carvins Cove is a mountain biking paradise. With nearly 60 miles of trails, it's earned a reputation as one of the best places on the East Coast for mountain biking. Located less than 10 miles from Salem, the Carvins Cove Natural Reserve sits on over 12,500 acres and is the second largest municipally owned and managed park in the United States. In addition to fantastic cross country single track, free riding downhill trails, and fire roads for mountain biking, the Cove also features a 630-acre reservoir for paddling and outstanding opportunities for hiking, including access to the nearby Appalachian Trail.

Greenway Trails

Locations throughout the City of Salem • Website

The Roanoke River Greenway in Salem is part of a larger mulit-jurisdictional project to build a trail through the four localities within the Roanoke Valley. Currently approximately four miles of the Greenway has been completed within the City. Several other phases are in planning.  Salem is also home to the Mason Creek Greenway, and the Hanging Rock Battlefield Trail. The portion of the Roanoke River Greenway around the Moyer Sports Complex has been designated the David Smith Trail. See the full map HERE.

Historic Downtown Walking Tour

Locations throughout Downtown Salem • Website

Over more than 200 years, the thriving community of Salem in the Roanoke Valley of Virginia has seen a lot of history. The Great Wagon Road gave way to an interstate highway; one-room schoolhouses evolved into modern facilities; charming Victorian neighborhoods. They remain charming Victorian neighborhoods. The story of Salem's past is the story of us all-an American hometown carved from the wilderness when the nation was new; growing and changing through the years but retaining her own unique charm. Come take a closer look!

Lake Spring Park

700 W Main St. • (540) 375-3057 • Website

Lake Spring had been a popular attraction for citizens and visitors dating back to the late 1800s when the area was home to the once popular Lake Spring Hotel. In more recent times, Lake Spring Park has been the site of hundreds of wedding photos, prom pictures and, to this day, it is easily the most photographed place in the city.

Longwood Park

601 E Main St. • (540) 375-3057 • Website

Longwood Park is the largest park in Salem. The park has 5 shelters - 2 can be reserved - and an amphitheater for evening concerts and movies.

Roanoke River Blueway

Locations throughout the City of Salem & Roanoke • Website

The Roanoke River Blueway offers a unique combination of urban, front country, and back country recreation opportunities in the upper Roanoke River watershed. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, fishing, tubing, wading, wildlife viewing, and watershed education – with convenient access to other outdoor and cultural amenities in Virginia’s Blue Ridge.