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1. Why do your fire trucks use lights and sirens, even in the middle of the night when there is no traffic?
2. Why does a fire engine come when I only request an ambulance?
3. Why do you send so many fire vehicles to a fire, especially a small fire?
4. I saw a City of Salem fire truck at a grocery store and some of the firefighters were inside shopping for food. Why do firefighters use fire trucks for non-emergency purposes while they are on duty?
5. How do I arrange to tour a fire station?
6. How can I get a copy of a fire incident or medical incident report?
7. What do you do with my personal information after I call 911?
8. How can I get a smoke detector from the fire department? Will you change the batteries?
9. Where can I go to have my child safety seat inspected or installed?
10. How do I dispose of hypodermic needles?
11. Is there open burning in the City of Salem?
12. Where can I find more information on fire training, emergency management and the like?
13. I need information that I couldn't find on your site. What now?